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What We Do

Sports, relaxation and pregnancy massage


"Do something today your future self will thank you for"

Whatever massage you may be looking for, we will have one to suit! 

Choose from; sports, relaxation or pregnancy massage.

Sports massage: Suitable for occupational and sporting ailments. 

Such as; back pain, shoulder or neck pain.

Relaxation massage: Time to relax and unwind. 

Pregnancy massage: Great for soothing and releasing aches and pains.

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Personal Training

"Face to face coaching to help you dig deeper"

1-2-1 and partner training to keep you motivated and help you towards your goal.

We are here to TEACH you proper technique so you can get the most out of your training sessions and reduce injury risk.

We will empower you with knowledge and confidence to train well and hard.

We want to make sure you ENJOY your training and optimise results.

Laptop Work

Fitness Programme

"Helping you achieve whatever the goal."

Online fitness programmes designed to help you achieve your goals whether you're a total beginner to fitness or an experienced athlete.

Looking for speed, agility, strength, endurance or something else? Choose from the available booklets or work with us for a tailored personal fitness programme.

Super Health Food



Nutrition programmes coming soon! Let one of our nutritionists or dietitians work with you to create a tailored plan and support you on your journey to a healthier you. Empowering you with knowledge to make sustainable changes.

We want you to have a great relationship with food so if you want to boost energy, lose/gain weight or just want to make more healthful choices, there will be no dangerous dieting, just good, nutritious food! 


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Clinics - Lincoln, Nottingham


Home visits - Lincoln, Newark, Nottingham


Phone - 07763784770

Email - Fit_with@hotmail.com

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