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Event Massage

Prices from £20

Event Massage

Event massage can be performed for an athlete pre-, intra or post-event.

Pre-event Massage

This specific treatment is given before a sports event, anywhere from 15 minutes up to 24-48hrs before.

Pre-event treatment is a light massage that compliments a thorough warm-up. Various techniques can be used to stimulate and stretch the muscles and encourage blood flow with an overall aim to benefit performance and reduce injury risk.

Intra-event Massage

Intra-event massage is completed between matches or events, short in duration and light in pressure/depth. It focuses on the main muscle groups used.

Post-event Massage

The primary purpose of a post-event massage is recovery. This can be given 15 minutes and up to 2 days after a sports event. Massage helps to relax muscles and restore flexibility. It improves circulation, increasing the removal of lactic acid and toxins. A quicker recovery allows a return to training without/ reduced stiffness and soreness.

If you are looking at booking pre-, intra and/ or post-event treatment for your team at a particular event, please fill out a booking form with details, and we can determine a price.

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