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Workplace Massage

Prices on request

Workplace massage is a relaxing, beneficial experience that helps to decrease stress and occupational muscular tension.

Mental health and musculoskeletal pain (commonly lower back pain and shoulder/neck pain) are the most common causes of absenteeism in the workplace.

Reduce absenteeism and keep your workforce happy by offering in-house massage.

Offering workplace massage is a fantastic way to invest in your staff and for your company to reap the benefits of increased motivation and productivity and boost overall morale.

Companies with health and well-being initiatives tend to have better staff retention.

Treatments can be as short as 10-15mins or longer sessions if you wish.

We will discuss healthier workplace habits and demonstrate desk (and at home) stretches staff members can go away with.

Want to keep a monthly health initiative going?

Workplaces may continue to pay for their staff members' treatment in full or subsidise treatment costs for those members happy to contribute. Alternatively, the staff member may pay for continuing monthly treatment, but the company arranges for the therapist to come in during work.

We can travel to most offices within the Nottinghamshire area, which includes Nottingham, Southwell, Newark, Lincoln, and surrounding areas.

At Fit With, we offer other workplace health services, including Nutrition and fitness. Packages can be designed to meet your company's needs, so do not hesitate to contact us to discuss if we can create the perfect package for your company. Click here to read more.

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