COVID-19 Measures

What we are doing:

The therapist will wear:


  • Face mask

  • Gloves (change after each client)

  • Apron (changed after each client)


There will be 15 minutes between each booking to allow for cleaning:


  • New couch roll for each client

  • Disinfect the massage couch

  • ​Disinfect door handles

  • Disinfect any other surfaces that have been used

Thorough hand washing before and after each client.

Anti-bacterial hand gel will be provided for the client.

What we kindly ask you to do:

Wear a face mask.

Use either the anti-bacterial gel provided or your own before you enter the room.

To avoid people waiting in a communal area, we ask that you wait in your vehicle and you will be contacted by mobile to come in.

Make payment primarily through the website however if you are unable to do this, contactless payment on the day will be facilitated. Cash payments will be ideally avoided.

Please call and cancel your appointment if you have any COVID-19 symptoms which can be found on the NHS website. Your booking will be re-arranged for a later date or refunded.